General Information


DFO members hunting with birds can be nominated only through their state association.

International guests wishing to hunt must make a request during registration.


Liability insurance and hunting licence


All participants with birds and/or dogs must have liability insurance. A valid falconer's license and bird identification documents must be carried in the field during hunting.


Foreign visitors who wish to hunt will require a German hunter’s licence. If you don’t have one, the DFO organising team will assist you with this after your initial registration. You will need to email scans of a passport-size photograph, a valid national falconry license, and a certificate of liability insurance.


Hunting birds and accommodation


Only impeccable hunting birds are permitted at the meet, and this extends to falconry equipment. Certification of the bird’s legality must be carried during the hunt, and will be checked on the day of arrival.


A weathering area and night accommodation are available. All birds must be presented at the morning gathering. There is no possibility of accommodation for non-registered birds.

The organisers, their agents, employees, and appointed persons, are not liable for any damages, accidents, injuries, etc.