Programme Announcement


The meeting will be divided into two parts


First part:


Sunday: arrival of international guests.


Sunday to Tuesday: IAF meetings and presentations.


On Wednesday we will visit Ansbach, the home of famous 18th-century falconer Charles William Frederick, Markgrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach, ‘the Wild Margrave’.


Participation at the AGM is not open to the general public, only IAF delegates, officials, and invited observers. If you are interested in attending, please email


Second part:

Wednesday: arrival of DFO members and invited guests.


Thursday, Friday, Saturday: three hunting days are planned in the wider area of ​​Bamberg, to which the public are also invited.


On Thursday evening, the official opening will take place with a ceremonial address and honorary guests. The DFO Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday evening.


The meeting will end with a Gala Dinner on Saturday, and a Saint Hubertus mass on Sunday in Bamberg Cathedral.


If the situation of small game continues to decline, then it is planned to reduce the hunting days on Thursday and Saturday. In that case an alternative proposal would be made for Friday.


Throughout the week, public relations work and environmental education is planned for children, on falconry and intangible cultural heritage, with visits to kindergartens and schools.